Go Kart Wild Vacation Care Incursion
If you are after a fun, safe, active, different activity for your Vacation Care program then this is for you. We come to you and deliver a full day of excitement for children ages 4-12years. We have taking into account the National Learning Framework ‘My Time, Our Place’ learning outcomes. This is an activity for everyone involved in Vacation Care…including the Educators. Go Kart Wild is a great value incursion activity that is fun for all. This low risk activity will have the children begging for Go Kart Wild to come back next Vacation Care Period. Please go to our Vacation Care page and read our blog on what other Vacation Care Providers have said about Go Kart Wild Incursion Activity.

Brisbane, Gold Coast and Surrounding Areas Go Kart Wild Birthday Party ideas.
You find the venue and we bring the fun to your child’s Go Kart Wild Birthday Party, what a Great idea!!!. Three hours of action packed enjoyment that will bring a smile to any child’s face on their birthday. Happy children equals happy parents at a Go Kart Wild Birthday Party.  This activity is sure to be a winner that will ensure your child sleeps well the night after the party. We have a number of suggestions and ideas for venues for your Go Kart Wild Birthday Party, such as local parks around Brisbane, the Gold Coast  and surrounding areas. Or you can have us at your home, your parent’s home or the home of your best friend. Make sure you visit our Go Kart Wild Birthday Party page for more details. We provide helmets and are fully insured. A Grand Prix Go Kart Wild Birthday Party or a Mario Kart Go Kart Wild Birthday Party are just a couple ideas that your child would love and we would love to be apart of their big day if you are in the Brisbane, Gold Coast of Surrounding area.

Go Kart Wild Corporate Events, Fetes and Festivals
Go Kart Wild is Equipped to handle Corporate Events. Whether it is a Corporate Christmas Party, Corporate Launch, Corporate Picnic Day, Fete, Festival or any time that you need a fun group event Go Kart Wild can be there. We have a 20 x 10 meter Grand Prix Track and Go Kart Wild pedal Go Karts that will cater for ages 3-103 years. You may just want to hire the Go Kart Wild pedal Go Karts without the track if space is an issue. Go Kart Wild pedal Go Karts are safe sturdy and easy to ride. Go Kart wild is fully insured and ready to be part of your next Corporate Event, Fete or Festival.